I love (not necessarily in this order) cats, teaching yoga, exploring, travelling, art, Sicilian ice-cream, dancing, horses, learning, wisdom, being silly, laughter, gardens, anatomy, healing, fairy tales and legends, green spaces, eating nuts, love, nature.

When I was little and I was asked what I would like to do when I grow up I used to say that I would like to help to heal people just not with pills and injections. As a teenager I searched for something that might improve my poor health and help me manage my  scoliosis I came across and bought my first yoga book and started experimenting with breath and postures. My early experience with yoga planted a seed which resulted later in developing a strong daily practice.  After assisting one of my first teachers for some time I was encouraged to become a teacher myself and stepped on a life long journey of sharing yoga. After almost a decade of teaching yoga from Edinburgh to London I am still in awe of its transformative power over the body and the mindset.

My classes & workshops demonstrate my passion for the practice. The outcome is a blend of fun, invigorating practice with insightful instruction, with a strong focus on the individual.